We have created a limited edition HKUMed Chair combining elements from our history and our home in Hong Kong to celebrate the Faculty’s 135th birthday.

Embodying the East-meets-West nature of both Hong Kong and the Faculty’s origins, the walnut chair marries a comb-back design often found in academic settings with armrests inspired by Ming Dynasty styling.

The chair’s rattan seat is a nod to the local rattan industry, which produced one of the city’s major exports at the time of the Faculty’s founding.

Available in pairs for sale at a fixed price of HKD100,000, a brass plate on the back of each chair commemorates a year in HKUMed’s story. We welcome you to choose the year which is the most significant to your medical journey or to refer to HKUMed’s milestones to select an important moment from our history. Donors can also choose to have their own name engraved on the brass plate.

Proceeds from these 135 pairs of HKUMed Chairs will go towards scholarships and financial aid for our students, enabling these inquisitive minds to thrive now and into the future. The funds will also increase the Faculty’s ability to respond swiftly to changing circumstances. We continue to strive to attract the best and brightest to HKUMed and to offer timely support to students in need.

You can choose to enjoy your engraved chairs in your own home, clinic or office, or alternatively, share them with the HKUMed community by allowing us to place them in the Alumni Chamber or other locations at the Medical Faculty.

Watch this video for a 3D rendering of the chair:

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the 135 Secretariat on 3917 9840 or

*The images shown are renderings and only represent an artist’s impression.