Building Dreams 築夢杏林
Building Dreams

Over the course of 135 years, HKUMed has grown from strength to strength; tracing its roots to the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, to now one of the top 20 medical schools in the world where we have nurtured generations of industry-leading talents and scholars. Looking back, it is immediately evident that our predecessors of yesteryear to present day are the ones who have built the legacy of HKUMed brick-by-brick, thereby laying a foundation for us to ascend to greater heights.

As we continue to extend the breadth and reach of our talents and infrastructure through numerous expansion projects in Hong Kong and in the Greater Bay Area, there has been a pressing need for increased provision of spaces for us to nurture the next generation of medical professionals, which would allow us to not only respond to growing demands for new talent, but more importantly to provide an avenue to provide expert training for such talents.

Answering to this demand, HKUMed has undergone numerous expansion projects of unprecedented scale, all of which are expected to come into realisation by 2027, when we will celebrate our 140th anniversary.

It is our hope to strive for greater heights, cultivate new platforms for training and teaching, and build dreams towards a brighter future.





Commissioned Artist 委約藝術家

Derry Ainsworth

Derry Ainsworth is a British photographer, artist and creative director based in Hong Kong. Living and working in Hong Kong for over 7 years, his works of city, aerial and street photography unveil unique viewpoints of varied and captivating urban landscapes in this bustling metropolis. As an architecture graduate from Bournemouth, UK, his works follow an architectural theme, an observation of how people interact within urban spaces and design.

As an extension of his multidisciplinary practice, he has also established himself as one of the first NFT fine artists in the city. Derry’s pioneering imagery of Hong Kong has since then been featured across various publications such as Timeout, Bloomberg, Vogue, SCMP, Forbes, commissioned by Samsung, Hong Kong Tourism Board, and sold at important auctions including Design Trust and Sotheby’s.

Derry Ainsworth 是一位英國攝影師及藝術家、創意總監。他在香港生活和工作了超過7年,其攝影作品主要圍繞城市、空中、街頭景觀,並以獨特視角呈現了繁華大都市裏各種迷人的城市面貌。作爲一個畢業於英國伯恩茅斯的建築師,他的創作主要以建築為中心,同時觀察人們如何在城市空間裏互動,從而把此概念融入設計當中。

他通過跨學科的實踐,成功奠定其作爲香港首批NFT藝術家的地位。這位香港影像界的先驅廣受媒體關注,曾獲《Timeout》、《Bloomberg》、《Vogue》、《SCMP》、《Forbes》等重要媒體報導。Derry Ainsworth 曾接受三星和香港旅游局的委托,其作品也曾在信言設計大使和蘇富比等重要拍賣會上售出。